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   . . . f/2   (2000x concentrate) - 1 Litre Bottles

AlgaBoost bottle* AlgaBoost (2000x) f/2 is a sterile 2000x concentrate of f/2 medium for culture of marine microalgae.

* To Make silicate-free f/2: Pour 50ml from the 1 litre bottle, into a bag containing 100 litres of sterile or cooled, autoclaved seawater. Aerate and you've got 100 litres of silicate-free f/2 medium.

* Formulation:Our formulation is the same as that used by the CSIRO Microalgae Culture Laboratories (AUSTRALIA) & closely based on the formulation of Guillard & Ryther (1962) and Guillard (1975), except for the exclusion of silicate.

* Can I use it with diatoms ?: You can use this product for culturing diatoms if first you add appropriate levels of metasilicate to the seawater used to make your media. For this purpose, sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is commonly added to seawater at a level of 12.5 - 22.7 mg / litre, although the amount required may vary according to the species of microalgae and general culture conditions used.

* Perfect for carboy-scale & bag-scale microalgae culture.

* Used in Commercial Aquaculture Facilities, MicroAlgae Culture Labs, Research Organisations and University Teaching Labs.

* Conveniently dispensed from a disposable bottle. Just remove the cap and pour (50ml makes 100 litres f/2 silicate free, in seawater).

* Sterile preparation; this product has been gamma-irradiated for sterility.

* Contains nitrate, phosphate, iron, citrate (chelator), trace elements (Co, Cu, MoO4, Zn, Mn) and essential vitamins (Thiamine-HCl, Biotin & B12).

* AlgaBoost is a trademark of AusAqua Pty Ltd
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